Chemical Availability Search (ChASe)

The Chemical Availability Search is a new resource developed by the PSDS to allow researchers to search across a database from numerous suppliers to source and compare chemicals for use in their projects. 

The ChASe interface allows searching by substance name, or identifier, including InChI string, InChI key, SMILES and synonyms. It can also be searched using a structure or substructure through the structure editor.

A video run through of ChASE can be found on our YouTube Channel, showing how to access the service and search using several examples. A factsheet is also available through the learning page which provides an overview of the interface.

Screenshot of the Chemical Availability Search interface

We hope that this new resource provides improved performance and interface for accessing chemical availability. If you have any feedback please get in contact with us via email to 

ChASe can be accessed via our homepage, just click the tile marked 'Chemical Availability Search'

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